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New Courses and Pricing for West Tennessee School of Taxidermy

Here at West Tennessee School of Taxidermy we offer small classes, this allows us to work one on one with each student and proceed to the next step when we know you are ready.

We also try to work with your schedule, that's why it is important to schedule early.  For example, if you can only do 1 or 2 days a week until you have completed the course we can work with you.

Method of payments we accept are certified check or cash. We do not accept personal checks.


Beginners Level:    

Whitetail Deerhead - 8 Days $2200 Includes 2 deer for Student

Birds - 5 Days $1900    2 Waterfowl or 1 Turkey

Fish - 5 Days $1900    2 Fish Mounts

Life-Size Small Mammal - 5 Days $1900                  1 Coyote or Smaller


Full Beginner Course:  

All 4 classes listed in beginners level, plus habitat building techniques.  5 Weeks $6900

Housing and meals are not included.

There are many major name hotels and restaurants convenient to our location. Most are within a 5 minute drive.  


**All waterfowl specimens have to be provided by the student**


Advanced Level Classes:

Advanced classes are offered in Deerhead, Fish, Birds (Waterfowl or Turkey) and Life-Size Small Mammal (Coyote, Bobcat, Fox, etc.).  These classes are designed for experienced taxidermist with 3 to 5 years under their belt.  This class will help you take your work to the next level to help you become faster and more efficient while achieving a better, more consistent product.  An emphasis on using and interpreting reference and designing high quality habitat scenes for your mounts is also included in these classes.

3 Days any subject $1450

5 Days any subject $1950




Competition Level Classes:

Competition classes are available for Whitetail Deerheads and Life-Size Small Mammals.  Are you sick and tired of scoring 88 or 89 on that mount that you put so many hours of hard work on?  Are you frustrated when one judge hits your eyes hard and the next one slams you for something else?  This class will help you finally get over that hump and help you consistently meet your goals.  I can use my 30 years of experience in winning Blue Ribbons and Best of Categories to help you improve your technique.  In this class I will share all the knowledge and experience that I've gleaned over time.  These classes will be designed to your specific needs.

$600 Per Day - Minimum 2 Days