Testimonials — See what some of our students are saying about their experience with us.

Mounted by Jon W.

After saving up some money and working out time off from work, I contacted Denton Shearin at West Tennessee School of Taxidermy in February about attending a beginner whitetail class. I was led to WTST after researching the beginner courses of several schools. This course specialized in shoulder mounts rather than including European and antler mounts, which was attractive. It included 8 days and two shoulder mounts and 5 days and one mount seemed to be a common theme elsewhere. He also has a maximum of two students per course. I retain information very well, but I’m not the fastest learner with new skills and seem to benefit most from supervised hands-on practice followed by repetition, so I decided this was my best chance at succeeding.
Denton was flexible in scheduling. When I provided him possible dates I could attend, he was able to schedule a course on my first choice. Although the other student ended up unable to make the course, Denton kept me scheduled as planned.
This was a very big move for me, as I’m brand new to taxidermy. Saving the money took some planning as I have a larger than average family on one income. I’m glad I was willing to take the chance and jump in. I made the drive from Texas to Tennessee on Sunday and began class on Monday morning.
I learned a lot during the course and know for sure that I’m WAY ahead of where I would be trying to begin on my own by watching videos and reading. That’s simply not the best way for me to learn. Learning the techniques from a master of the trade in this setting is priceless. I understand the value of learning the art of fleshing and tanning and really think that will make me a better taxidermist, as that’s where I learned much about anatomy and the physical aspects of taxidermy. Denton was patient and flexible with me. If I clumsily struggled with something, we spent more time on it. We were able to spend less time on the simpler tasks that I was able to catch on to really quickly to enable the extra time elsewhere. The system of watching, practicing, and then doing it myself was ideal. It wasn’t very long before my confidence began to build a little and the class became a lot of fun. The days flew by much faster than I expected as a result. I know it’s going to take a lot of practice, and a lot of mistakes to overcome and learn from, but I’m excited and eager to mount a couple of deer at home as soon as I come up with a couple of capes.
I consider these two weeks money and time well spent. My wife and I are developing a plan to return to Jackson and continue learning from Denton.
— Jon W.

I took the whitetail class 4 years ago. Denton gave me the start I needed and today I have a full time taxidermy business.
— Darin Emison

Mounted by Darin Emison

If you want to learn taxidermy or just improve your skills, I highly recommend taking a course with Denton Shearin. He knows the ins and outs of taxidermy and will not keep anything from you. He not only tells you everything he knows, but he also goes into great detail on why he does what he does. I was fourteen when I took the whitetail deer beginners class and I was able to take the information and training he gave me and successfully start my own business. I had a great time learning taxidermy at West Tennessee School of Taxidermy and I plan on going back in the near future.
— Jesse Morrison

Congratulations to Jesse for winning his first blue ribbon.

Mounted by Jesse Morrison

Mounted by Jesse Morrison

I took the full course at West Tennessee School of Taxidermy and Denton Shearin showed me the way to a taxidermy career with his great teaching skills. Thanks for being a great teacher and a friend I can always count on.
— Tim Hill / Nemo Hill's Taxidermy

Mounted by Tim Hill

West Tennessee School of Taxidermy is the way to go! Denton’s one on one approach helps you retain more knowledge, plus it’s easier to learn with Denton because of his great personality. It makes for a good atmosphere. My clientele grows each year because of the quality of my work, and all my customers leave with smiles on their faces. Thanks Denton!
— Greg Gray

Mounted by Greg Gray